Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Strategic Planning Unit

- 2021/03/09

Duties of the Strategic Planning Unit:

  • Supervise the update and review the strategic and executive plan of the college, in a manner consistent with the university's strategic plan.
  • Follow up the plan of spreading the culture of quality and the activities related to it.
  • Contribute to the follow-up of the action plans of the various vice deanships of the college.
  • Review and approve the executive plans of the departments, and support them in all aspects.
  • Review and approve the plans and the quality committees in the departments and the college units.
  • Follow up the activities of the quality committees in the academic departments, and provide support for them to complete their duties.

Members of the Strategic Planning Unit:

  1. Dr. Ahmad bin Faisal Subahi
  2. Dr. Abdul-Rahman Haidar Ahmad
  3. Dr. Jamal Ahmad Rushdi