Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Community Partnerships Unit

- 2021/03/09

Duties of the Partnerships and Community Service Unit

  • Supervising and following up the preparation of the programs offered by the college to serve the community.
  • Following up the community service activities offered by the different academic departments.
  • Providing support and assistance. Communicating and coordinating with the external authorities to formulate the items of the contracts related to community partnership agreements between the college and different community institutions.
  • Encouraging the academic staff and students to participate in voluntary work and activities.
  • Launching partnerships and enhancing scientific and practical cooperation with different companies and institutions, and striving to obtain the maximum amount of benefit from them.
  • Communicating with different companies and institutions in order to receive the best services and offers from them.

Members of the Unit

  1. Dr. Ahmad Faisal Subahi
  2. Dr. Muhammad Uwais Sabrah
  3. Dr. Omar Salih Al-Malki
  4. Dr. Magdi Ahmad Al-Abshihi
  5. Ms. Dalal Rasheed Al-Khameesi
  6. Ms. Samia Salih Hassanin
  7. Mr. Adil Hussein