Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Strategic Planning Committee

- 2022/04/06

The committee includes the following members:

  • College Dean
  • College Vice-Dean
  • College Vice Dean - Female Section
  • Vice-Dean for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research
  • Vice-Dean for Academic Development and Community Service
  • College Vice-Dean for Academic Affairs
  • Head of Laboratory Medicine Department
  • Head of Therapeutic Feeding Department
  • Head of Physiotherapy Department
  • Head of Clinical Technology Department
  • Dr. Hassan Mazhar Bukhari
  • Dr. Ihab `Abdul-Kafi
  • Dr. Ali `Abdul-Munsif Thabit
  • Dr. Ibrahim Sa`d Nada
  • Dr. Omar Abdul-Fattah
  • Dr. Sama' Sa`id Sa`dawi
  • Dr. Tharwat Hilmi