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MSc Program

- 2019/07/27

MSc Program in Electrical Engineering


Helping the Electrical Engineering Department at the UQU College of Engineering to be a world-class professionally recognized department committed to serving the Saudi community and developing humanity.


Providing high-quality education that enables postgraduates to lead and excel in their careers and serve the community and humanity through the introduction of productive ideas and fostering meaningful cooperation at the local and international levels.

Importance of the MSc Program

The MSc program in Electrical Engineering was established on a solid scientific foundation and is in line with the modern age, taking into account the professional development of the postgraduate students. The program focuses on theoretical and practical aspects in the field of electrical engineering and aims to provide qualified human resources to serve Saudi Arabia in developing effective engineering solutions in all walks of daily life.

Learning Goals of the MSc Program

The MSc program is designed to meet the needs of engineering and construction professionals, building on the relevant academic fundamentals previously acquired by graduate students from basic science, mathematics, engineering, basic design skills, and professional skills.

Moreover, the program equips professionals with a solid academic foundation that combines the fruits of electrical engineering practices and innovative technical research outputs.

The skills, abilities, and knowledge acquired by postgraduate students in this program will enable them to assume leadership positions within diverse career paths, and contribute to modern electrical engineering and Research and Development entities locally and internationally.

The program offers distinguished academic knowledge in support of both its mission and the broader UQU mission. The graduates of the program are expected to achieve the following objectives within a few years upon the completion of the MSc program:

  • Practicing electrical engineering at an advanced level, developing skills to solve engineering problems in the context of technical, global, environmental, and economic constraints, and providing technical and/or managerial leadership in the field of electrical engineering.
  • Moreover, the graduates are expected to excel in multidisciplinary teams and be able to adapt to changes in engineering practices and environments throughout their careers.
  • They are also expected to recognize the significance and impact of code of ethics and standards of professional conduct in the practice of electrical engineering and shoulder their due professional responsibilities in accordance with Islamic moral values.
  • In addition, the program aims to improve their research and development skills in their field of work, or urge them to pursue further postgraduate studies to obtain a PhD and beyond.

The Learning Outcomes of MSc Program Graduates

Graduates of the MSc program in Electrical Engineering at the UQU are set to demonstrate their excellence through the realization of the following objectives after graduation. They should be able to achieve the following:

  • Apply mathematics, science, and advanced engineering knowledge to identify, understand, and solve complex problems in electrical engineering.
  • Employ modern engineering and simulation tools to conduct applied and/or theoretical research.
  • Demonstrate their proficiency in planning and in the research and development field.
  • Keep abreast of contemporary issues related to electrical engineering.
  • Adhere to the code of ethics and standards of professional conduct and recognize the impact of engineering solutions and standards, technology, and professional ethics on the community and humanity.

General Information about the MSc Program in Electrical Engineering

General Specialization

Electrical Engineering

Specific Specializations

Electronics Engineering

Communications Engineering

Electrical Power Engineering

Academic Streams (Tracks)

Courses and Thesis

Courses and Research Project


Conditions of Admission in the MSc Program in Electrical Engineering

Prerequisites and Conditions of Admission:

In addition to the prerequisites of admission in the programs of postgraduate studies followed at Umm Al-Qura University, the student should fulfill the following conditions:

  1. The Prerequisite of Language: For study of the specialization of Electrical Engineering in the English language, the student must have an excellent command of both spoken and written English, and receive a TOEFL score of at least 400 or its equivalent in an accredited test.
  2. The General Capabilities of University Degrees Holders: The student should pass the Test of General Capabilities of University Degrees Holders by not less than 60%.
  3. The Prerequisite of Cumulative GPA: The student should have obtained a grade of not less than Very Good for the bachelor's degree.
  4. Supplementary Courses: The students who gained admission to the Program of Postgraduate Studies through their BSc in fields other than those chosen should pass a number of the supplementary courses (that won't be calculated within the hours of the program) to the Bachelor's stage, and with a cumulative GPA not less than Very Good, before starting study for the courses of the Master's degree.
  • Conditional admission may be granted to the students who did not fulfill the previous conditions, but at least fulfilled the prerequisites of UQU.
  • Students should contact the department's postgraduate studies coordinator for more details.

The required specializations for the degree applied for:

  • The Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering or a relevant specialization, with a grade not less than Very Good.