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Umm Al-Qura University

Master in Electrical Engineering

- 2020/11/02

Master in Electrical Engineering Program

The Master in Electrical Engineering program aims to introduce modern and contemporary disciplines in the fields of intelligent systems in modern electrical grids, and modern and alternative ways to generate renewable and sustainable energy. Moreover, the program introduces the study of new technologies in this vital field in electric power systems.

The Master in Electrical Engineering program has two main streams:

  • Smart Grids. 
  • Renewable Energy.

The program duration is four semesters, and includes a number of courses designed to help students keep abreast of the latest developments in the fields of smart networks and renewable energy. Moreover, the program includes a research project that aims to refine the applicant's expertise in a practical and integrated manner.

Conditions of Admission

In addition to the admission prerequisites for the postgraduate programs applicable at Umm Al-Qura University, the student is required to fulfill the following conditions to be admitted to the program:

Major and Grade: The student must obtain a bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering with a grade not less than "Very Good". 

Language Prerequisite: Since the study in the electrical engineering specialization is in English, the student is required to have an excellent command of both spoken and written English and earn a TOEFL score of at least 400, or its equivalent in an accredited test. The student should also pass the General Aptitude Test for University Graduates with not less than 60%.

The Academic System and the Requirements to Obtain the Degree

The Master's degree involves courses and a research project. To obtain the degree, the student has to study the program's courses of 42 accredited study units that include 3 accredited study units for the research project.

The student must discuss with the coordinator of the postgraduate program in the department or college to receive assistance in preparing the academic plan. During four semesters, the student will study the following:

  • Nine obligatory courses of a total of 27 accredited study units, distributed throughout all levels
  • Four elective specialized courses of 12 accredited study units distributed throughout the second to fourth level
  • A project research, equivalent to 3 accredited study units, which should be written in the English language in the field of the specific specialization, and in accordance with the requirements of the department and the university. The student who registers for this stream may not be allowed to register for the research project unless the following two conditions are fulfilled: 
    1. The student successfully passes at least (18) accredited study units from the courses of the first and second levels of his academic plan, with a cumulative GPA not less than "Very Good". 
    2. The appointment of a supervision committee that will review the academic program of the student and the proposed topic for the project research.