Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Teaching Physical Education

- 2019/11/15

Influential teachers are the backbone of the learning process; their influence appears in their skillful application of education plans in situations characterized by speedy changes and many complexities. The aim is to make desired changes in learners by increasing the effectiveness of their performance. The learning process consists of several elements that interact with each through reciprocal interaction and influence.

Teaching is an ongoing activity that aims to stimulate and facilitate learning. Teaching behavior includes a set of communicative actions and decisions that are drawn on and used in a manner intended by the teacher, who acts as an intermediary in an educational and pedagogical position.

This book is a guide for physical education teachers as well as students of physical education departments and colleges of sports sciences in the Arab world. It contains much important and necessary information in the field of teaching methods for physical education and sports that all specialists in school sports should be familiar with.