Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

College Departments

The Department of Art Education was established at the College of Education at King Abdulaziz University in 1396 A.H. It was recently transferred to the College of Designs and Arts under the name: ‘Department of Visual Arts’. This is in order to develop the culture and arts sector in the Kingdom of

The Department seeks to achieve competitive in fashion design and industry, by way of preparing, training and qualifying cadres who are capable of demonstrating theoretical and practical skills in this area, as well as creating an environment that prompts them to creativity. That is to be added to m

To provide the labor market with distinguished female cadres, who are academically and professionally qualified in the field of household management. This comes as part of ongoing developmental efforts aimed at providing more job opportunities.

The department is concerned with planning, developing, and handling internal spaces in different buildings: residential, administrative, commercial, or touristic. This department also provides the labor market with outstanding national cadres qualified for training and leadership, as well as creatin

The department is concerned with formulating perceptual and practical concepts to deliver the visual message in a creative manner, through preparing national cadres capable of keeping pace with the challenges of the labor market. This can be achieved through exploring various media and techniques, a