Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Overview of the Vice Deanship of the College

- 2021/10/05

Duties of the Vice Dean:

  • Supervising the application of the regulations and systems of administrative and financial affairs at the college.
  • Overseeing and developing the progress of the administrative work in the college.
  • Working on the development and reinforcement of the college's independent financial resources.
  • Organizing regular leave for college staff, including administrators, technicians, employees, and workers.
  • Supervising the evaluation of the performance of administrative staff of the college.
  • Supervising the facilities of the college with the relevant bodies and developing plans to follow up their maintenance and cleanliness.
  • Supervising communication with the concerned bodies to mend and follow up emergency breakdowns that occur in the college.
  • Supervising the distribution of administrative offices, and coordinating matters related to the use of the symposium halls in a manner that ensures the best use of these halls.
  • Supervising the evaluation of the performance of the administrative staff of the college.
  • Supervising the organization of delegation visits to the college.
  • Documenting return-to-work cases for faculty members and their likes.
  • Communicating directly with the departments and units inside the university in every thing related to his competencies, provided that he contacts those who are equivalent or less than his post.
  • Executing the tasks assigned to him by the college dean.
  • Receiving incoming transactions directly submitted to the college vice dean.
  • Dealing with annual requests for devices, equipment and materials for the college.
  • Organizing the college's needs for stationary items and furniture.
  • Organizing training courses for the college's non-academic staff affiliates and their likes.
  • Preparing the annual report.
  • Managing receipt notes.