Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Training and Community Service Unit (Male Section)

- 2019/11/02

Training and Community Service Unit


The unit is tasked with boosting the capacity of the academic and administrative staff members to keep the process of development moving, with efforts being invested in strengthening the skills of the staff. This is in order to provide the best, and achieve the development that the university seeks. The unit also endeavors to consolidate the training programs that aim at advancing the skills of the academic staff members, personnel and administrators, providing them with quality programs and enabling them to take further steps towards leadership.

This advancement is carried out through the transfer of skills from experienced academic members, the exchange of ideas, and the promotion of technical skills, as well as through the development of training programs in partnership with prestigious training institutions.


  1. Developing the capabilities of the academic and administrative staff members in quality and strategic planning.
  2. Encouraging the academic staff members, administrative leaders, and employees to embrace effective self-development.
  3. Managing the training activities by determining training requirements, planning, follow up, and assessment.
  4. Qualifying and preparing new academic staff members and those of equal ranks.
  5. Developing the capabilities and potentials of leaders in the academic and administrative units to raise their efficiency and competence.

Unit Supervisor

Mr. Khaled Abboudah