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The Graduates Unit

- 2021/03/09


The Unit is affiliated to  the College Vice Deanship for  Development and Quality. It is involved in following up on the graduates’ affairs and it seeks forming a database for the graduates, their specialties and contact info to be in touch with them in case of any vacant new jobs that suit their specialties.


It aspires to developing the skills and potentials of the graduates to well prepare them for the competition of the local, regional and international job markets, in addition to creating strong partnership and active communication between the college, graduates and society, which is positively supportive to meet the job market requirements.


Offering special service to the graduates and contributing to guide them to the job market through an e-database, guides, training courses and workshops to benefit the most from the available job opportunities. This is in addition to promoting the performance of the college’s gradates, raising their competencies and developing their skills through the programs, training courses, workshops and various activities that secure convinent job opportunities for the different specialties.


The unit targets opening communication channels between the College of Designs and Arts and its graduates to be aware of their needs and meet them, in addition to developing their professional skills in a way that is consistent with the local and regional job market.

  1. Building a database for the graduates and the different recruiters.
  2. Creating communication channels between the College, graduates and society’s institutions.
  3. Building a database for the job market needs and the opportunities available  for the graduates. 
  4. Supporting communication and coordination with the different recruiters. 
  5. Following up on the employment status of the graduates. 
  6. Strengthening the relation with the graduates to benefit from their experience in:
  • Developing the academic, research and training plans of the college in a way that is in line with the job market needs through surveying the graduated about the curricula and job market.
  • Promoting the cooperative education with a number of entities outside the university to train the graduates there.
  • Participating in the events and activities being organized b the college, including lectures, conferences, forums and workshops.


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** An activity suggested by the female graduates of the College of Designs

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