Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quality Unit

- 2020/09/16

Quality System Concept:

The quality system relies on the implementation of best practices stated in national standards, measuring and analyzing the effectiveness and efficiency of these practices through predefined performance indicators, and reporting the findings to the relevant authorities to implement the improvement recommendations contained therein. It relies on the self-assessment tools per the assessment methodology of the National Center for Academic Accreditation and Assessment.

Unit Description:

The unit works to spread a culture of quality among the college staff and provide the necessary facilities for all teams based on the application of quality and documentation, in addition to continuously collecting data and information about their activities, follow up the procedures of the Excellence Awards in the college, and suggest the formation of quality teams and projects.

The unit is also following up the implementation of the strategic plan of the college, the preparation of the college annual report, and proposing development projects for the college and academic departments, in addition to following up the development of the college website, and proposing training courses and workshops for its employees.

Objectives of the Unit:

  1. Communicating with national and international bodies to obtain institutional and academic accreditation.
  2. Participating in determining the admission and graduation requirements to ensure the quality of the educational outcomes of the college in light of those requirements.
  3. Supporting efforts exerted to benefit from agreements with local, Arab, and international universities and colleges.
  4. Establishing mutual induction programs between the college and the different governmental and non-governmental educational sectors, to identify the reputable labor markets and encourage cultural and scientific exchange programs to achieve the highest quality.
  5. Following up the implementation of the strategic plan of the college.
  6. Providing sustainable professional development programs for faculty members and other administrative and technical personnel.
  7. Following up the development of the college website to serve its employees.
  8. Supervising the preparation of the annual report.
  9. Adopting the application of modern technical means and tools in the educational and training process, and providing infrastructure and equipment.
  10. Achieving integration and coordination between the college departments and its educational programs, and taking advantage of the available expertise to build and develop programs and joint study plans between them and the corresponding departments and colleges inside and outside the university.
  11. Providing programs with feedback to develop the educational process and current teaching methods by adopting modern methods and instilling methods of dialogue, criticism and self-education, and scientific research, and to instill the values of tolerance and accepting difference.
  12. Evaluation of organizational restructuring, proposing administrative frameworks that enhance the work and institutional development of the college in line with its vision and mission.

Duties of the Unit:

  1. This unit is also responsible for the continuous collection of data and information on quality activities at the college.
  2. Periodic reports on performance levels and beneficiary satisfaction in all activities.
  3. Continuing the conduct of Excellence Awards in the college.
  4. Involved in the development of different systems and forms that are used to evaluate the activities of the college.
  5. Following up the implementation of self-assessment and academic files for all departments.
  6. Supervising the college's awareness of the requirements of institutional and program accreditation.
  7. Participating in the development of college plans for institutional and program accreditation.
  8. Following up the implementation of the quality management system in the college, and the extent to which the departments are committed to follow them.
  9. Participating in the development of policies and future plans of the college.
  10. Following up the implementation of the strategic plans of the college.
  11. Supervising the preparation of the annual report of the college.
  12. Participating in the development of plans and programs to develop the skills of college staff, and following up their implementation.
  13. Communicating with the Supervisory Committee on the college website to develop it.
  14. Following up departments for the development of academic plans and programs.
  15. Following up the updating of educational resources.
  16. Providing facilities to all work teams.
  17. Conducting internal audits of the level of quality practices for college programs.
  18. Implementing improvement plans in light of self-study and internal review, and providing the necessary support needed by the college programs.

Organizational Structure of Quality Unit: