Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice-Deanship of Postgraduate Studies

- 2017/02/16

In 1420AH, the vice-deanship was established and titled "the Vice-deanship for Academic Affairs" under the supervision of:

Dr. Ahmed bin Nafee' Al Mawra'y

(Six-month mandate) in 1420AH

Dr. Abdel Samie bin Abdel Bary Al Sayegh

In 1421AH


Later, it was changed to the vice-deanship of postgraduate studies to assist the college's departments in managing the postgraduate program. Today, the vice-deanship continues its job while the vice-dean assumes the responsibility of its mission plus the duties assigned to the college's council and minutes of its meetings.

A number of the teaching staff members took the office of the Vice-deanship of Postgraduate Studies since it was established in 1420AH. They are:

Dr. Abdel Samie bin Abdel Bary Al Sayegh

From 1421AH to 1425AH

Dr. Abdullah bin Muhammad Ramyan Al-Ramyan

From 1425AH to 1427AH

Dr. Saleh bin Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsen Al-Fareeh

From 1427AH to 1429AH

Dr. Mohammed bin Said bin Abdullah al-Sarhani

From 1429AH to 1431AH

Dr. Faisal bin Jameel Al-Ghazawi From 1431 H to 1437 H

Dr. Nawaf Muidh Jamaan Alharthi

 From 1437 H