Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

New Students

- 2020/09/16


Dear student ...

To maintain contact with students, we are trying to create a favorable climate of study and keep in touch with you; so, please pay special attention for the following:

1- Taking into account the importance of the job you occupy and the mission that shall be accomplished. You have to determine and keep asking Allah to grant you beneficial knowledge and to keep track of the Salaf (pious predecessors) in seeking knowledge.

2- Keeping keen on maximizing benefits of the academic staff who can help students with their knowledge, experience and skills. This is an opportunity that many others fail to find.

3-Having reviewed the postgraduate Rules and Regulations as well as the organizational measures, is an important matter that should be known for all students who should be acquainted with their rights and duties.

4- Important Publications by the College:  Student Guide and Thesis Guide

Postgraduate students are recommended to get these to guides to benefit from their content.

5- Commitment to lectures attendance to avoid penal actions and membership overwriting.

6- Attendance of meetings, talks sessions and seminars held by the college in addition to the thesis discussions.

7- Whenever a student was assigned to do a study, the applicable approach should be serious and developed by the student himself; not borrowed from previous studies and researches In case of scientific misconduct, corrective decisions may include cancellation of memberships or any other measures that may be seen fit by the college.

8- Student may go through difficult circumstances that prevent him from study or that make him away for a period of time. In these cases, the department shall be informed for cooperation and taking the best action for her/his best interest.

9- Students shall be keen on picking a subject for their thesis and register it at the department in a time limit to finish the study in a sound period of time.

10- The following issues would be taken into account to submit a study plan:

- Verification of a book may be accepted as subject of thesis if it was of valuable price for the area of study; provided, it shall be made on two stages (Master's and Ph.D).

- The plan's form shall be filled. It can be found at the department.

- The plan shall be submitted in enough time before the department board's meeting for consideration.

- Students are requested to send their study plan on the email  specified by the college for this regard. They shall make sure the automatic reply was received.

- Once the the study plan was approved by the department and the college, the student assumes the responsibility for the subject and whether it was chosen before for similar degrees or not.

11- Students who have registered their research topics and got a supervisor for their thesis, shall meet the attendance hours set per semester taking into account the student have to stop by the department once a month to fill the form and renew his CV.

 12- Under the university's directives, students  on scholars shall study four (4) modules like their peer colleagues in other universities.

13- The College is looking forward to receive feedback from student via contacts with the departments or the postgraduate studies vice-deanship at the college.

Dear sister and brother...

Fresh students have to bring with them:

- Copy of their ID (only male students)

- Copy of the admission letter                

- Copy of the graduation certificate         

- Copy of the tuition fees receipt - (night students)

- Fill a form of personal information - from the college's website or the employee in concern

- Suspension file  

Students who failed to complete their files are requested to visit the Postgraduate Unit


The Postgraduate Unit is here to help you, please call:

Vice-deanship for Postgraduate Studies: 52700000/5179

Secretary of the Deanship of Graduate Studies  5237/5270000

Morning and Night Study Preparation Official:  6527/5270000

Archive Official:  5230/5270000

All forms are available on the website

Or on the Deanship's website

For communication, please give your Mobile No. to the Postgraduate Unit to keep you updated via (SMS). We also expect a notification with any changes of the mobile no.

We expect your valuable suggestions and feedback on the number 5233 / 5270000

  [email protected]