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Umm Al-Qura University

Overview of the Department of Chemistry

- 2019/10/17

نبذة عن القسم

Overview of the Department:

The Department of Chemistry, College of Applied Sciences Umm Al-Qura University, is one of the oldest departments of chemistry at KSA universities. It was established in 1401H along with other departments of the college (Physics- Maths- Biology). It awards the bachelor degree in pure and industrial chemistry majors. It has distinct research teams that occupy a world position, as it comprises a team of faculty members who have several researches published at local and international magazines and journals along with having distinct partnership relationships with several companies, factories and businessmen nationwide to whom those research teams provide required scientific consultation to help them solve their problems, an act which is compatible with the department vision and objectives.

The Department of Chemistry offers two educational programs: Chemistry Program (40200) and Industrial Chemistry Program (40207). Students are awarded the bachelor degree in chemistry after successful completion of (137) credit hours, or in industrial chemistry after successful completion of (138) credit hours. The educational scheme enables students to combine between knowledge acquired and application through a great deal of practical activities, as described at the scheme, at the college labs which are equipped with state of the art technologies conforming to world standards. Thus, graduates are able to handle relevant practical problems and become highly qualified to be distinct either at the labor market or during post-graduate studies.

The Department of Chemistry is located in Al-Abdiyyah - College of Applied Sciences