Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message of the Head of Chemistry Department

- 2017/08/23


Chemistry is one of the natural sciences used and researched since old times. It played an immense direct role in several aspects of human life and till this day, chemistry still has a paramount importance in civilization progress of countries in many aspects.

Saudi Vision 2030 aspires to build a knowledge economy based on creativity and the development supported by scientific research. In this respect, chemistry science has a major contribution to accomplish the ambitious vision in sectors of industry, medicine, and environment through offering solutions to the problems facing society in general.

It's no secret, UQU has a privileged status in KSA due to its importance and the services it offers for various sectors. The department of chemistry is one of the top UQU's departments with it selection of internationally qualified cadres that serve the university, community, and scientific publication to contribute to development. Te department has updated academic programs for bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees to match international developments in chemistry and meet Saudi job market requirements.

Finally, I ask Allah to help me serve my brothers and sisters of faculty members and students, and endow me with wisdom to perfectly perform my duties.

Head of Chemistry Department

Dr. Ismail bin Ibrahim Al-Thaqafi