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The Students of Al-Maarefa Secondary School Visit the College of Designs and Arts (Male Section)

Added on - 2020/03/04  |  اخر تعديل - 2020/03/04

The College of Designs and Arts (male section) hosted a delegation from Al-Maarefa Private Secondary School in Makkah Al-Mukarramah on Monday, 7 Rajab, 1441 A.H. The delegation were received by the Vice Dean of the College of Designs, His Excellency Dr. Abdullah bin Dakhilullah Al-Thaqafi, the Head of the Department of Interior Design, Dr. Abdullah Hamid Al-Jabri, and a number of the academic staff and administrators in the college.


This visit came with the aim to introduce the students to the college's specializations and the services provided by the university, in all aspects. In this respect, the students were informed about the specializations available in the college and how the student chooses the suitable specialization. This is in addition to various advantages that the students of the College of Designs obtain.


On the other hand, His Excellency the Head of the Department of Interior Design, Dr. Abdullah Hamid Al-Jabri, pointed out that UQU offers promising specializations that keep up with the needs of the labor market. His Excellency, Dr. Abdullah explained the most prominent advantages offered by the college to the students, which assist the students in obtaining job offers appropriate for the nature of specialization.


The students and their accompanying instructors took a tour of the facilities in the college. The visit was concluded with a tour to the halls passing by the laboratories, which give due care to provide the appropriate technology. During this tour, discussions were conducted between the academic staff and the students about the capabilities of the laboratories and their equipment. Finally, memorial photos were taken in the university campus.