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Glorification of the Holy Land Project under the Theme: ‘My University is Part of the Holy Land (The Knowledge Community)’

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Added on - 2019/12/22  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/12/22

In conjunction with the launching of the “Glorification of the Holy Land” program, under the theme: “My University is Part of the Holy Land (8): The Knowledge Community”, the Vice Deanship of University Studies for Female Students at Rea Zhakhir, with the participation of the Makkah Community College (female section), held the launching ceremony of the Irth (Heritage) initiative on Wednesday, 14 Rabi` Al-Thani, 1441 A.H. The program activities included holding educational corners to acquaint the visitors with the heritage of Makkah. The corners included the following:

  • A knowledge heritage under the title: “Let Us Seek Knowledge”
  • A community heritage under the title: “Renewed Art”
  • A historical heritage under the title: “So as Not to Forget”
  • An educational heritage under the title: “Let Us Learn”

During the ceremony, the Department of Administrative and Financial Sciences organized a lecture entitled: "The Accustomed Security of Quraish: Between Yesterday and Today (Trade and Worship)", which was presented by Ms. Mona Salem, an academic staff member at the department. During the lecture, Ms. Mona pointed out the importance of trade and investment in Makkah throughout the ages, and the importance of adhering to the rules and provisions established by Islam in governing the transactions conducted in marketplaces.

Moreover, the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences participated in the campaign entitled: "Make Use of Me and Do not Throw Me Away". The campaign aimed to encourage the recycling of books and academic notes, and was organized under the educational heritage title: “Let us Learn”. This was followed by the participation of the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences, who presented web pages that outlined the glorification of the Holy Land and Makkah in the past and modern times. In addition, the story of the Black Stone was presented, supported with pictures and a video. The idea of the presentation was developed by Dr. Basma Ibrahim Malibari, and implemented by the Department of Engineering and Applied Sciences.