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Umm Al-Qura University

Brief on the College

- 2019/07/18

Brief on the Establishment of the College:

Makkah Community College was initially established in 1422 A.H., when the Decision of the Council of Ministers No. (3), of 5 Safar 1422 A.H., was issued approving the Decision of the Supreme Economic Council No. 22/4, of 4 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1422 A.H. It provided for the increase of admissions to the institutions of higher education and the establishment of 13 community colleges in the Kingdom, including Makkah Community College. The Makkah Community College has already been inaugurated, and the college admissions began with the beginning of the academic year 1425 A.H.

Makkah Community College is considered an academic (professional) institution affiliated to Umm Al-Qura University, which provides changeable academic programs and specializations that serve work environment. Study at this College follows the hour system in terms of registration, attendance, and assessment. Some of its specializations hold training programs before graduation or qualifying programs before specialization. The average years of study at this College are two years, and excellent students are given an opportunity to enroll in the university to complete their study.

Makkah Community College offers a number of programs and courses for two years of study at the intermediate level, between secondary and university levels. The programs of this institution are comprehensive and flexible to suit the needs of individuals and society, and the needs of the development plans of human cadres. The study programs usually result in the student receiving a certificate called an associate degree, which is lower than a bachelor's degree. It is equivalent to the "Diploma of Intermediate Colleges" in the Kingdom. The College is designed to prepare graduates to enter the labor market after spending a specific period of study during which they attain sufficient experience and theoretical and practical knowledge to qualify them for productive work. In addition, it enables the outstanding students who want to continue their studies to join the university and complete their university studies.