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Advantages of Studying at Makkah Community College

- 2019/07/18


Makkah Community College is privileged with being an academic professional institution, affiliated to Umm Al-Qura University. It is considered one of its colleges and offers flexible and changeable study programs, in addition to specializations aimed to serve the working environment. The study at this College applies the Credit Hours System in terms of registration, attendance, and assessment of performance. Moreover, some of its specialty programs engage learners in pre-graduation training programs. The average length of study at this College is two years, and excellent students are given the opportunity to enroll in the University to complete their study. In this way, the education programs available at this College become both qualifying and also complementary.

Makkah Community College offers a wide choice of study programs and specializations for two years of study at the intermediate level, between high school and university. The programs offered by this institution are comprehensive and flexible enough to suit the various needs and interests of the individuals and societies, and supply development plans with the needed cadres. The study programs usually end by awarding the student a certificate or a diploma lower than a bachelor's degree, called an (Associate Degree), which is equivalent to the "Diploma of Intermediate Colleges" in the Kingdom.

The College aims to prepare its graduates to enter the labor market after completing the specified study period, during which they acquire adequate experience and theoretical and practical knowledge that enable them to perform productively and effectively at work. In addition, it allows the outstanding students, who wish to continue their studies, to join the university and complete their university studies.

Based on the analysis of the labor market in Saudi Arabia, and after soliciting the views of the members of the advisory committees inside the college as well as taking into account the suggestions of different employers and representatives of the labor market, the College incorporated some modifications to its curriculums that will help quality its students for good career opportunities.

Makkah Community College is considered the first college at Umm Al-Qura University to receive national accreditation from the American Accrediting Commission of Colleges through the Council on Occupational Education (COE). The accreditation was awarded by the International Accrediting Commission during its session held on 11 September 2010 A.C., corresponding to 2 Shawwal, 1431 A.H. and was valid for a six-year period. The accreditation was renewed in 30 June 2017, for a further six years.