Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vision, Mission, and Objectives

- 2019/07/18

College Vision:

To achieve leadership in vocational education and training.

College Mission:

To fulfill the need of the labor market for qualified technical and vocational cadres, in accordance with international standards.

College Objectives:

There are general objectives shared by almost all community colleges at the international level, and country-specific objectives according to each country's requirements and needs. Therefore, it will be enough to mention here the college-specific objectives, as follows:

  1. To provide comprehensive and various applied educational programs that qualify the students for the jobs needed by the labor market in the community.
  2. To attract students with special specifications suitable for the college programs in order to qualify them for the labor market.
  3. To train the students on the latest technologies by following the advancement of technology in different applied specializations.
  4. To conduct practical applications in order to polish the acquired and develop the non-acquired skills through field training, as part of the academic program.
  5. To link the College to the professional community and labor market by regularly holding meetings and exchanging visits.
  6. To coordinate between the College's graduates and the work environment, to enable them to gain jobs in their specialization.
  7. To prepare studies and research pertaining to qualifying, training, and development programs, and to be acquainted with the labor market's need for technical cadres.
  8. To provide studies that contribute to fulfilling the need of the society to develop solutions to its current problems.