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Report on the Training Course Entitled: ‘How Do I Write an Academic Research Paper?’

Added on - 2019/11/28  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/11/28

On Tuesday 22 Rabi` Al-Awwal 1441 A.H., the College Deanship for Student Affairs organized a course entitled "How Do I Write an Academic Research Paper?" presented by Her Excellency Dr. Rayah bin Ali Sultan, Assistant Professor of Biology at the Basic Sciences Department, Adham University College. The course targeted the female college students who were interested in participating in the Eleventh Scientific Meeting and the University Role Model Contest.

The course dealt with the detailed elements which make up an academic research paper, in addition to the scientific integrity standards. The course also tackled the methods of research and assessment of previously conducted studies, collection of information and writing scientific content, citation and the rules regulating it, and the importance of the selection of appropriate scientific material.

The course touched on the manner of writing in terms of using punctuation and quotation marks and the layout of the research material, and its overall design and style. It also covered the composition parts of an academic scientific research paper, such as the introduction, the conclusion, and their required content. Moreover, it shed light on writing research references and supplements as additional assistance in the process of writing, along with some words and phrases that lead the reader from one idea to another

During the course, the eleventh scientific meeting was introduced, as well as the general conditions of participation in scientific research topics, and the students were urged to participate in these topics. The full course content was also sent to the students at their university email accounts, as they requested.

This course was part of a series of courses and lectures adopted in the student activities plan for the first semester of the year 1441 A.H. to enhance the scientific skills and capacities of the students, as befits the recipients of education in the UQU.

The College Vice Dean for Student Affairs at Adham

Ms. Nadia Turki Al-Qurashi