Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

A Lecture on Coaching Skills

- 2019/11/06

The Club of the College of Engineering organized a lecture on coaching skills to help students in decision making, and to raise their level of thinking in scientific and occupational fields. These skills involve, for example, the way of choosing their specialization or specific specialization, how to choose the topic for the graduation project, how to set up a plan and smart goals that will help them finish their bachelor's stage meaningfully and effectively, and how to adopt certain mechanisms after graduation: making a proper decision with regard to employment, or completing post graduate studies.

If the student is offered more than one job position, he can use the wheel of life strategy, which is one of the most important coaching strategies, or apply the five question strategy, to find the best solution.

Learning these skills, he can apply all the strategies and skills of coaching throughout his future practical and scientific life in ideal and proper scientific ways.

The lecture was delivered by His Excellency the Certified Coach Eng. Muhammad Tuwilaa Al-Nabati, Director of System Control Circuit at the Saudi Electricity Company, and the Certified Coach Eng. Saad Ghazi Al-Matrifi, Director of the Facilities Department at the Saudi Electricity Company.

The Dean of the College of Engineering and Islamic Architecture, Dr. Ahmad Al-Ahmadi, thanked all the students who attended the lecture for their attendance and interest. He also motivated them to keep on attending such events for the great effect they have on students' self-development and decision-making processes.

Finally, he extended his thanks to the coaches for their sincere dedication and their eagerness to effectively cooperate with the college, and gave them souvenirs on the occasion of this event.