Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

New Students Forum [Confident Start] for the Academic Year 1441 A.H.

- 2019/09/29

Tuesday, 25 Muharram, 1441 A.H., witnessed the launching of the events of the New Students Forum organized for Adham University College female students enrolled in the academic year 1441 A.H. The meeting started at 10 a.m. with a welcoming speech. Next on the program was an introductory presentation about the university college at Adham governorate which was given by the Dean of the University College, Dr. Saeed bin Hadi Al-Qahtani. He concluded by giving advice to his students for them to show commitment and diligence in the course of their study, and keep working hard with honesty and devotion. This was followed by a speech by the Supervisor of the Vice Deanship of the Adham University College, Dr. Nuhair bint Taha Muhammad. In the speech, the supervisor introduced the students to the facilities of the college and the most important departments to which the students may refer for services. She also gave an overview of the administrative and career hierarchy of the college, and the importance of students taking responsibility as active members in their community and observing the established rules and regulations inside the campus

The forum included a basic introduction to the different departments within the college. First, there was a speech by Her Excellency the Deputy Head of the Basic Sciences Department, Ms. Nouf bint Idan Al-Zahrani. Next, there was a speech by the Head of the Arabic Language Department, Ms. Siham bint Saad Al-Qahtani, and then a speech by the Head of the Computer Department, Ms. Yasmin bint Munsif Al-Shaabani. This introduction was accompanied by the distribution of study plans related to each department, along with the allocation of specific academic advisors of each discipline, besides information on the methods of communication and the hours for advising.

The Admission and Registration Unit was then introduced and its tasks defined, under the supervision of Her Excellency Dr. Sanaa bint Muhammad Fraijin. An explanation was also provided on the academic processes related to leaves of absence, postponements, and withdrawals, as well as pointing out the difference between the cumulative GPA and semester GPA, and the honor ranks and how to attain them.

The meeting was ended by a word from the Vice Dean for Female Students Affairs at Adham, Ms. Nadia bint Turki Al-Qurashi, in which she explained the importance of obtaining and taking care of the university card, and the penalties for lending it to others or not looking after it well. She also explained the method of adding an IBAN, the rewards attained, and how to gain the right to earn it. Moreover, those supervising the students were alerted to abide by the rules and regulations of the university, and the rights and duties of UQU student were outlined and explained.

Afterwards, different questions from the new students were answered, which mainly focused on rewards and the GPA. This forum meeting closed by advising the students to pursue their studies with earnestness and diligence and also be committed to the university system in order to crown their academic career with accomplishments and excellence.

Finally, two educational courses, first entitled, "The Rights and Duties of University Female Students in order to Adapt to University Life", were offered to the female students by Dr. Jihan Awad, Professor of Curriculum and Teaching Methods. During the courses, she explained how to adjust and adapt oneself to the university environment. She also clarified the rights and duties of the female students towards the university and their generous country. This was followed by a course entitled, "How to Benefit from Your University Site", which was delivered by Ms. Aishah Al-Asmari, the Teaching Assistant at the Department of Computer Sciences. During the course, she informed the students on how to access the university website and use the services provided there.

On the sidelines of the event, the "Ask Me" corner was organized by the student club at the college to answer any questions or concerns that female students might have regarding university life.

The College Vice Dean for Student Affairs at Adham

Ms. Nadia bint Turki Al-Qurashi