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College of Public Health Announces the Names of Candidates for Academic Posts and the Date of the Written Exam

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Added on - 2019/01/30  |  اخر تعديل - 2019/01/30

The College of Public Health and Health Informatics has announced the names of the candidates who applied for the posts of lecturer in the period from 27 Rabi` Al-Thani to 11 Jumada Al-Awwal, 1440 A.H. The College invites these candidates to attend the written exam for the posts of lecturer, according to the following table:

Application No.

Name of Applicant

Place of Written Exam

Date of Exam


Manar Muhammad Eid Al-Lahibi

The headquarters of the medical colleges for female students at Al-Abdiyyah

Wednesday, 08 Jumada Al-Thani, 1440 A.H., corresponding to13 February, 2019 A.C.,

at 1:00 p.m.,

for two hours


Siham Salim Abdul-Jabbar Al-Khalidi


Siham Awdah Ahmad Al-Ghamdi


Hanan Muhammad Qayd Al-Arshani


Thira' Hasan Muhammad Al-Jafri



Yazid Abdullah Sa`d bin Qa`ud

The headquarters of the College of Public Health and Health Informatics at Al-Aziziyyah

Wednesday, 08 Jumada Al-Thani, 1440 A.H., corresponding to 13 February, 2019 A.C.,

at 1:00 p.m.,

for two hours


Khalid Abdullah Muhammad Al-Qarni


Rami Khalifah Rakan Al Ja`far


Ihab Yasin Jamil Maturi


Suhayl Sa`id Ahmad Al-Zahrani


Muhammad Uwayd Awad Al-Harbi


Wa'il Ibrahim Hasan Al-Zahrani


Ahmad Ibrahim Mubarak Al-Dusari


Candidates must provide the following documents:

1. Original copy of the National Identity Card.

2. Updated CV.

3. A copy of the MA must be sent to the following email: [email protected] edu. sa, no later than the end of the working day on Wednesday, 2 Jumada Al-Thani, 1440 A.H.

4. Original and certified copy of:

  • graduation certificates;
  • and academic record for all study levels (BA, M.A.).

5. A statement of comparability if the degree was awarded by an external university.

6. Notice of electronic application.

7. Proof that the individual does not hold a government job. Data on a person's profession can be printed from the Abshir website by clicking on: (My information - My personal information - Category - Profession).

** Date for interviews will be determined later for those who pass the written exams.

** Candidates should be present at least half an hour before the start of the exam.

With best wishes of success to you all!