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Adham University College Organizes a Course Entitled, 'How to Prepare a Research Proposal'

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- 2018/12/06

Under the noble patronage of the Dean of Adham University College, His Excellency Dr. Sa`id bin Hadi Al-Qahtani, and the supervision of the Vice-Deanship of the College for Student Affairs, and in the framework of preparing female students at the bachelor stage for the Tenth Scientific Forum for University Students, the Vice-Deanship organized a course entitled, 'How to Prepare a Research Proposal' on Wednesday, 20 Rabi` Al-Awwal, 1440 A.H. The course was offered by the Assistant Professor of Parasites at the Basic Sciences Department, the University College, Her Excellency Dr. Rayah Ali Sultan, and lasted for three hours. This event targeted the female students who will participate in the Tenth Scientific Forum, in particular, as well as all the students in Adham University College, in general.

The course aimed at informing female students about how to choose a research topic by introducing several methods and activities that may help students find a research topic, become used to reading regularly, and learn about the matrix of concepts.

The trainer was keen to explain to the female students methods of analyzing and properly understanding scientific papers. Moreover, she focused on the successive steps in preparing the research proposal, and told the female students about the programs that they can make use of in organizing and arranging research and previous studies. An example of a research paper analysis was also presented.

The trainer explained how to prepare a research proposal by considering the basic outline of any research (research problem, research question, research methodologies, research contribution, writing the research proposal).

Female students were also informed about how to input content  in LaTex, so the document can be formatted after being exported, and that it is possible to make use of others' experience by posing questions in research networks. Moreover, the trainer compared three programs that manage references.

Finally, the trainer offered some examples of how to make use of the free services that are available on the University website in the field of research.