Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Graduation Projects Committee: Roles and Responsibilities

- 2016/11/13

Graduation projects play such an important role in entrenching and deepening student's knowledge. They provide students with the necessary research and data-collection skills. Besides, they enable them to put into practice the knowledge they got to acquire from their study. That is to be added to making them accustomed autonomy, self-sufficiency, and reliability.

Therefore, the department pays close attention to the quality of graduation projects. And it is for this reason that the graduation project is a mandatory prerequisite that each pure physics student must prepare. To do so, each student is supposed to look for an idea meant to find solutions for a real-world problem. And, of course, the idea should be brand new, and the solution should be innovative. This necessitates good planning for potentials, time and effort. Additionally, the graduation project is deemed to be a good test for the student. It reveals his problem-solving skills and capabilities.