Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Roles and Tasks of the Committee and its Head

- 2016/09/25

Graduation Projects Committee

The Graduation Projects Committee is the department’s committee in charge of supervising all the students’ graduation projects for each project respectively. The Committee’s membership includes the lead supervisors of the graduation projects, and the Committee’s head is appointed by the department’s head. Similarly, there are other members assigned by the department’s head when necessary. Those members take charge of reviewing and approving the research proposals presented by the students.

Committee’s Tasks

  1. Organizing awareness and orientation seminars about the graduation projects of the seven level students
  2. Developing an outlined mechanism for how to implement, follow up and assess projects
  3. Naming the final discussion committees, and setting a schedule  at the end of the eighth academic year and having them approved by the department’s head
  4. Supervising project discussions, and submitting the final grades to the department’s head
  5. Creating shape and mechanism for the document enclosed with the project and the content of the project CD into
  6. Bringing up all what advances level of the graduation projects
  7. Performing the other tasks devolved to the Committee

Role of the Graduation Projects Committee Head

Head of the Bachelor Program Researches Committee is in charge of managing the graduation project activities.

Tasks include:

  1. Notifying the other academic staff members guiding the students with the forms and procedures
  2. Ensuring the adhering to the timelines / deadlines connected to the annual assessment, questionnaires and assessing the graduation project program
  3. Organizing the “Scientific Research Day”  at the department, as well as displaying the posters through which all the students manage to present their researches
  4.  Preparing the final display and discussing the project, announcing the timeline for presenting shows and invitations and making the necessary arrangements for reserving the hall, etc.