Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/04/05

In 1983, in its first session called on    March 4, 1983, the Saudi Supreme Council of Universities approved introducing “Medical Science Department” as one of the scientific departments affiliated to the Umm Al Qura Applied Science College in Makkah.  The Department’s first batch was admitted in 1985, and they numbered 20 students. Such a department proved trail-blazing for all the Umm Al Qura University’s medical colleges later.

In 1986, his Majesty the King passed the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education providing the changing of “Medical Science Department” to “Medicine and Medical Sciences College”. The first batch of Medicine and Medical Sciences College was admitted in 1989.

In 1996, his Majesty the King issued a decree approving the splitting of Medical Sciences Department from the Medicine College. In so doing, the Medicine College became a self –contained college titled the Applied Medical Science College, and it includes eight scientific specialties of which is the Oral and Dental Health Program.

On January 8, 2007, the President of the University formed a committee considering the introducing of dental college. Upon the committee’s recommendation, on February 23, 2007, the Applied Science College Fourth Council approved of changing the Applied Medical Science College Oral Health Department to the Dental College.

On May 15, 2007, on its eighteenth session, The University Scientific Council issued recommendation creating the Dental College, and forming a committee to prepare for creating the college in terms of plans and programs and contacting bodies and calibers with expertise on dental field. And, on its seventh session called on July 7,2007, the University Council recommended establishing its four departments:


  1. Basic and Clinical Oral Science Department
  2. Dental Care Department
  3. Oral and maxillofacial surgery and Diagnostic Sciences Department
  4. Conservative Treatment and Operative Dentistry Department


Accordingly, the Ministry of Higher Education General Trusteeship decided upon the creating of Umm Al Qura University Dental College upon the order No. (13/47/1428) dated on September 9, 2007. His Majesty the King sent a wire No. 8626 dated October 9, 2007, instructing upon the creating of the college. The College began its activities on September 29, 2007.  And, study took effect in 2009.



The College aims at qualifying distinctive medical cadres in the dental field in general and orthodontics, pedodontics, community dentistry, preventive medicine and scientific research fields in particular. And, this goes with the message of the College with all its departments combined. These departments, drawing on scientific, applied studies and researches, work on qualifying graduates able to shoulder responsibility.


  • Producing scientifically distinctive medical cadres necessary for the oral and dental related medical sectors.
  • Contributing to developing the medical preventive culture in society through awareness-raising lectures and activities.
  • Meeting the needs of society and serving it through producing highly excellent medical cadres and distinctive professional conduct to deal with all the members of society.
  • Encouraging the scientific research in all the medical fields related to the oral and dental health, community service and orthodontics and pedodontics fields.
  • Providing the integrated scientific and practical environment which boosts the teaching, learning and scientific research processes.
  • Building a student with scientifically, practically and morally distinguished personality in the dental prevention field.
  • Delivering the latest theoretical, practically and communal teaching means and tools.
  • Actively participating along the professional and medical organizations and community institutions in supporting and spreading the awareness-raising and preventing culture for community dentistry, orthodontics and pedodontics.
  • Establishing strong, flexile ties with community organizations and medical and non-medical business sectors in order to explore the ever-changing needs of the labor market and constantly develop the academic programs for coping with these variables.


  1. Holding to the medical and Islamic profession basics, rules and ethics.
  2. Sticking to the physician’s role in work team to achieve a joint vision.
  3. Translating “prevention is better than cure” saying.
  4. Constantly building knowledge and skills in the field of specialty for lifetime.
  5. Providing services Makkah and Saudi community and Haj performers.