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Alumni Affairs

- 2021/03/03

The Mathematical Science Department is concerned with following the progress of its alumni and surveying their views to improve the quality of the Mathematical Science program. This will reflect positively on the quality of the alumni, increase their chance of work opportunities in the labor market, and improve their performance in serving the community. Thus, the Alumni Follow-up Unit was established in the Department. It has designed an e-survey to receive the views of alumni concerning the level of services offered to them.

Alumni Questionnaire Form

Alumni Follow-up Unit Mission:

  1. Following up the affairs of alumni at the Mathematical Science Department, and being aware of their scientific and practical achievements.
  2. Conducting research studies and offering recommendations to develop and improve the academic programs at the Department, in order to make its outcomes in line with the requirements of labor market.
  3. Offering services and training programs to students who are about to graduate, enabling them to make use of the available work opportunities in a way that suits their specialized studies.

Alumni Follow-up Unit Divisions:

First: Alumni Relations Division

It comes under the umbrella of the Media Committee and the Employment Committee at the Department. It aims at:

  1. Inviting alumni to participate in the different activities of the University, and to take part in the ceremonies and exhibitions related to graduation.
  2. Organizing trips, visits, and regular meetings for the alumni of the Department.
  3. Organizing the annual Graduation Day at the end of the academic year, and participating in preparing the Department alumni guide in collaboration with the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  4. Preparing statistics about the alumni of the Department, and dedicating a link on the Department website about any suitable job openings.

Second: Activities and Scientific Meetings Division

It comes under the umbrella of the Student Activities Unit and the Scientific Meeting Unit at the Department. It aims at:

  1. Offering training courses on different skills, such as the skills of writing a resume and the skills of using certain programs that the alumni may need in their postgraduate studies or future work.
  2. Organizing lectures and training courses offered by the alumni of the Department.
  3. Organizing training courses in the art of searching for suitable work opportunities, and guiding alumni through the process of searching for job openings.
  4. Coordinating with the bodies who wish to employ the alumni of the Department to provide them with data on the alumni.