Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Mechanical Vibration Laboratory

- 2018/09/17

Mechanical Vibrations Laboratory

Vibrations occur in a variety of ways in engineering. While they are desirable in vibrating screens or vibrating conveyors, they are often unwanted in engines or other rotating machines. This Lab is equipped with TM 155 experimental unit from GUNT. It clearly demonstrates the fundamentals needed to deal with free and forced vibrations. The differences between the two main types of excitation for forced vibrations can be shown on a simple vibration model.

The Lab is also equipped with PT 500 unit from GUNT for Machine Fault diagnosis. It permits vibration measuring exercises (measurement of vibration displacement, velocity, and acceleration in the time/frequency range). Field balancing of rigid rotors and alignment of shafts can be practiced.

The following experimental kits also include the base unit.

  • PT 500.04 Computerized vibration analyzer
  • PT 500.10 Elastic shaft kit
  • PT 500.11 Crack detection in rotating shaft kit
  • PT 500.12 Roller bearing faults kit
  • PT 500.13 Couplings kit
  • PT 500.14 Belt drive kit
  • PT 500.15 Damage to gears kit
  • PT 500.16 Crank mechanism kit
  • PT 500.17 Cavitation in pumps kit
  • PT 500.18 Vibrations in fans kit
  • PT 500.19 Electromechanical vibrations kit
  • PT 500.05 Brake & load unit
  • PT 500.01 Laboratory trolley
  • PT 500.41 Two displacement sensors

Mechanical Vibrations Lab gives the opportunity to do research in this field. It equipped with hardware “Type 3050 Multi-purpose 4- and 6-channel input modules” from Bruel and Kjaer to cover a wide range of sound and vibration measurement applications.


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