Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Duties of the Advising and Registration Unit

- 2021/03/08

Duties Related to Registration:

  1. Following up the registration of academic schedules, and providing the necessary services to the departments and female students through the e-tickets.
  2. Following up the preparation of the academic schedules of the general subjects for the first and second semesters, in coordination with the relevant departments.
  3. Providing departments with pre-registration statistics and any statistics related to the students, graduates, and academic loads.
  4. Following up the preparation of schedules for final exams of the general subjects for the two semesters.
  5. Allocating classrooms according to the academic schedule for the first and second semesters, depending on the capacity of each classroom.
  6. Linking staff members to their classes in the academic schedule for the first and second semesters.
  7. Making an inventory of the divisions within the departments for the academic schedule for the two semesters.
  8. Performing the process of deleting and adding courses, after checking the student’s academic record via the e-ticket requests.
  9. Studying the requests for course equivalencies, and directing them electronically to the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  10. Following up the requests for a student to receive a "zero grade", or requests to replace the "zero grade" with the student's grade, and also following up the requests for re-enrollment at the Deanship of Admission and Registration.
  11. Following up the requests to correct results, after filling out the relevant form for the change, absence, or incomplete cases, and submitting it to the deanship for implementation.
  12. Following up on graduates (student name modification, student grade modification, verification of the validity of the graduation documents, delivery of documents).
  13. Requesting classroom needs (smart boards, overhead projectors, etc.)and requesting maintenance.
  14. Submitting the amendments on the final schedule requested by the departments.
  15. Preparing the invigilation schedule for the college's final exams.
  16. Following up on the electronic transactions system (Masar), receiving incoming transactions and sending outgoing ones, as well as forwarding transactions to internal departments and responding to them.

Duties Related to Academic Advising:

  1. Studying the cases of the failing or transferred students, and offering solutions to the academic problems they face.
  2. Noticing the top students, and helping them to improve the educational level at the two sections of the college.
  3. Offering academic and advising information to the students through the e-tickets designated for this purpose.
  4. Activating and following up electronic academic advising in the different departments.