Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Publication Rules 

- 2019/04/08

Publication Rules in Umm Al-Qura University’s Journal of Educational and Psychological Sciences  

Date of update: Muharram 29, 1440 AH 

First: Material Accepted for Publication 

  1. The journal publishes original scientific research that adheres to the methodology and steps of scientific research, and adds something new to specialized knowledge in the field of education and psychology. Research shall be written in either Arabic or English; not published before; and not taken from theses/dissertations and books or previous research. If the research is accepted for publication in the journal, it shall not be published in any other periodical without a written consent from the Editor-in-Chief.  
  2. The journal publishes research translations; readings; book reviews; scientific reports and follow-ups on conferences, symposiums, and academic activities related to its areas of specialty.  
  3. Distinctive educational and psychological innovations and experiments, for the purpose of presentation and documentation.  
  4. The journal enriches its issues with deep, specialized intellectual essays that determine the nature of a present situation; draw a line for the future; deduce lessons from what is learned in the past; or introduce rich universal specialized ideas and applications. The journal welcomes such essays and their owners. 
  5. Research ideas and proposals (individual and collective) at the local and Arab levels.  

Second: Publication Standards 

  1. The research owner shall submit the scientific material at this link, and the form devoted to publication shall be filled out. 
  2. All received research shall be subjected to an initial examination, by the Editorial Board, to decide whether or not a research is fit to be accepted for publication in the journal.  
  3. All research shall be subjected to a scientific peer review before publication in the journal within a maximum of (6) months.
  4. If the research is not accepted, the journal shall not provide justifications.  
  5. The researcher shall be granted only an electronic copy of his research that has been published through the journal’s website, in accordance with what is decided by the journal’s Editorial Board.  
  6. The researcher shall be granted a “publication acceptance statement” after returning the research in its final form, after making the required modifications, and obtaining an approval from the Editorial Board.
  7. The researcher shall not be permitted to withdraw his research after the journal has started the peer review procedures.  

Third: Research Submission Rules 

  1. The research and all its attachments shall be sent via the electronic form devoted to publication, and the researcher shall be provided with a message stating that the journal has received the research together with the research number within two weeks from this date.  
  2. The researcher undertakes that the research has not been published before; is not taken from a master’s thesis, a Ph.D. dissertation, or a published book; has not been submitted to other entities for publication; and is not going to be submitted for publication at another entity at the same time until the peer review procedures are complete. The researcher shall agree to transfer copyrights to the journal after the research is approved for publication in its final form.  
  3. The researcher undertakes to make the required modifications; send the research in its final form within two weeks from the date on which those modifications were requested by email, or through the journal’s website, whenever available.  
  4. The first page of the research must contain the research title; researcher(s) name; employer; address; email; and research date. To ensure the confidentiality of the peer review process, the name of the researcher(s) must be not mentioned in the body of the research, as well as any indications that might reveal their persons. If the researcher(s) would like to write an acknowledgement to those who have contributed to or assisted in completing the research, this shall be on a separate page.  
  5. A summary of the research must be submitted in Arabic containing a maximum of 150 words, and another one in English containing a maximum of 150 words. Each summary shall be on a separate page, and each shall include the title of the research, without mentioning the names or information of the researchers.  
  6. The number of pages of the research shall not exceed 30 in any case, including references, tables, and figures, excluding appendixes.  
  7. The patterns and formulas for writing shall be as follows: Page size is A4; line spacing 1.5; margins 2.5 cm as a minimum for the top, bottom, left, and right, including endnotes, references, excerpts, tables, and appendixes. 
  8. Writing style:
  • For Arabic: Traditional Arabic, font size 14
  • For English: Times New Roman, font size 10
  1. If the researcher uses one of the data collection tools, he has to provide a full copy of such tool, in addition to including the research material in full as annexes attached to the publishing application form.  
  2. The journal works on rooting the scientific research approach, and believes that the research sent must be composed of the following parts:  
  • Research introduction 
  • Research problem 
  • Questions of the study 
  • Significance of the research  
  • Objectives of the research 
  • Scope of the research 
  • Terminology introducing  
  • Methodology of the research 
  • Population and sample 
  • Research tool 
  • Validity and consistency of performance 
  • Statistical methods  
  • Presentation of findings 
  • Discussion of findings  
  • Recommendations  
  1. References and sources, whether within the research or in the reference list, shall be cited in the APA (American Psychological Association) style – 6th edition, whether in English or Arabic. To learn how to quote material from websites and webpages; various information sources; or e-books, and how to cite the paper editions of books as well as research, studies, and references, please read the file attached under the title “APA Format.”  
  2. Dear Researcher, if you have queries or questions, kindly put them down and send them to the journal’s email address. We would also be glad to communicate with you by mail or phone if you would like to.