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Umm Al-Qura University

Professional Development for Teachers and Educational Leaders Unit (PDTELU)

- 2019/04/03


UQU persists in planning and hard work in order to be a leader competing with other universities at the global level. In this regard, the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies has a double responsibility, as it takes charge of the transfer and localization of knowledge and technology. This is the primary duty of universities today and in the future. This also promotes UQU’s role in the achievement of the goals of the Saudi Vision 2030, in terms of building a thriving economy and an advanced knowledge society that is able to perform its duties and engage in global competition.

One of the Institute’s strategic objectives is establishing and developing specialized centers and units serving as a national reference with global reputation in the field of transferring and localizing knowledge and technology; providing consulting studies and services; and offering professional training to both the public and private sector and to society. We have gone a long way in this direction; UQU is currently the top KSA university for adopting the model for university leadership, the model for universities that have their own effective roles in comprehensive sustainable development.

The establishment of the Unit of Continuous Professional Development for Teachers and Educational Leaders is one of the Institute’s strategic initiatives that lie at the heart of the Saudi Vision 2030. That is because the priorities defined in the Saudi Vision 2030 involve investing in education and training as well as expanding professional education and training. This is to accelerate economic development and provide our fellow citizens with the knowledge and skills necessary to the present and future. The Saudi Vision 2030 has also focused on promoting the efforts exerted for harmonizing the outputs of the education system with labor market needs. This demonstrates the importance of this unit: It contributes to the training and development of effective education cadres that employ innovative methods of work, in addition to being capable of raising the standard of the education system as well as improving and upgrading education services. At the end of the day, the primary goal is to make the best use of our education cadres in all fields for building our homeland. 


Leadership in professional and educational development in Gulf countries.


Continuous educational and professional development for society, with quality and creativity, in accordance with ethical values.


  • Good manners.
  • Sincerity.
  • Distinction.
  • Efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Team work and cooperation.
  • Planning and futuristic vision.
  • Adhering to the ethics of the profession of training.
  • Quality and accuracy.
  • Creativity and innovation.


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