Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Business Confidence Unit

- 2019/04/03


The pioneering reference in business training and consultancy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia


Providing certified training, academic and professional qualification, and excellent advice in the domain of Hajj and Umrah.


Loyalty - excellence - responsibility - teamwork and cooperation - planning and future vision - system, accuracy and discipline - creativity and innovation - quality and perfection - credibility and transparency.

Strategic Objectives

  • Preparing infrastructure and training rooms for the Unit.
  • Holding training courses in business.
  • Concluding agreements and partnerships, and obtaining accreditations from organizations concerned with the Unit internally, locally, regionally and internationally.
  • Providing consultation in the work domains of the Unit.

Initiatives and Activities Scheduled for the Year 2018  

First: Initiatives Related to Establishment, Marketing, and the Preparation of Human Resources and Infrastructure of the Unit

  • Completing the organizational structure and job description of the Unit.
  • Establishing and equipping the headquarters of the Unit.
  • Carrying out the trainer training course for faculty members at the College of Business Administration.
  • Participating in relevant forums to market the services of the Unit.

Second: Initiatives Related to Training Courses in the Area of Business, Hajj, and Umrah

  • Carrying out 15 training courses in the area of business, Hajj (annual Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah in the month of Dhul-Hijjah), and Umrah (Islamic pilgrimage to Makkah at any time).
  • Designing 10, refereeing 5, and approving 2 training packages.
  • Designing databases listing the trainers, courses, and customers at the Unit.

Third: Initiatives Related to Designing and Offering Qualification Programs

  • Offering programs for qualifying graduates for the labor market.
  • Designing a qualification diploma for passing the test for the professional fellowship in accounting.

Fourth: Initiatives Related to Agreements, Partnerships, and Approvals

  • Entering into cooperation agreements with the training units at the Institute of Consulting Research and Studies.
  • Entering into an agreement with the Ministry of Hajj.
  • Entering into an agreement with the Makkah Chamber of Commerce.
  • Entering into an agreement with a charity.
  • Obtaining from an accredited international body an approval for implementing training programs.

Fifth: Initiatives Related to Consultations

  • Signing a consulting contract with a government or private body.