Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Objectives of the Professional Diploma of Restaurant and Hospitality Management (Americana Diploma)

- 2019/01/23

Diploma Objectives:

The reciprocal learning system (work-based learning) enables workers to obtain a vocational diploma from one of the most prestigious universities in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia while working in the hospitality industry. Part of this work-oriented curriculum entails on-the-job training, which has proven its efficacy in enabling working students to acquire practical skills that, in turn, progressively develop into leadership skills. The program commences by developing the field-related technical skills of working students, and gradually progresses to teach them the skills of interaction with the conditions surrounding the work environment, namely its policies. The program also helps the students develop a positive attitude toward teamwork, and the ability to work as active and reliable members who are capable of objective thinking and of making decisions.

Working students are considered progressive trainees, who start as productive members in their workplace. They keep progressing in the training programs until they start receiving management skills training during the course of their work as team members in the company's restaurants.