Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Vice Deanship for Hospitals

- 2016/04/05


The Vice Deanship for Hospitals' Affairs develops and implements training agreements with the hospitals, medical centers and Red Crescent Societies to train students during their study and their internship. This requires concluding the necessary agreements with the competent authorities, and sending guidance letters to students. At the end of training, the vice deanship receives the results of evaluating the student's internships and delivers them. It further directs the staff members to various hospitals and health centers to promote the college participation in community service, which is an integral part of the mission of the college.

Responsibilities of the Vice-Dean for Hospitals' Affairs :

  1. Supervising the students during their studies in the college as well as during the training period in the internship year.
  2. Concluding agreements between the college and various training institutions, hospitals and health centers.
  3. Preparing the quarterly and annual training plans for these institutions and following up on their implementation.
  4. Coordinating with training officials and coordinators in these institutions to discuss the training problems and how to overcome them.
  5. Conducting field visits to these institutions to observe the students and acquaint institutions with the mechanisms of following-up on the training process.
  6. Preparing the supervision schedules from within the college, in collaboration with the heads of departments and programs, and following-up on updating the supervisors' data continuously.
  7. Following-up on the supervisors' evaluation of the trainees, and developing the testing and evaluation procedures and mechanisms in collaboration with the Vice Deanship for Academic Affairs.
  8. Supervising the process of directing the staff members to the different hospitals.
  9. Coordinating with medical colleges as regards the training process in the internship year.
  10. Preparing the annual report of the Agency, and participating in the college's annual report.
  11. Updating the college website with information about the vice deanship and the affiliated administrative units.
  12. Implementing all tasks assigned by the Dean.
  13. Coordinating with the college's units in all relevant fields.
  14. Chairing the committees affiliated to the vice deanships, and reporting directly to the relevant authorities.
  15. Submitting periodic reports to the Dean about the workflow in the affiliated units, and the difficulties they face.