Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Duties of the Vice Deanship for Development and Quality

- 2021/10/11

The Acting Vice Dean for Development and Quality

Dr. Mahdi Al-Saqour


The vice Deanship for Academic Development and Community Service supervises the development and quality processes, fulfilling the standards of academic accreditation and evaluation in the educational process of the academic departments, ensuring quality administrative work, and working on developing and improving performance in all fields.

Duties of the Vice Dean for Development and Quality:

  1. Disseminating the culture of excellence at the college level, and implementing the quality program.
  2. Supervising the performance evaluation
  3. Supervising the implementation of the evaluation and academic accreditation program
  4. Preparing and implementing the developmental and strategic plans
  5. Supervising the work of the IT center (unit)
  6. Examining the difficulties or problems facing the development and quality programs, and proposing solutions
  7. Identifying the specialized training needs of staff members in the academic departments, and coordinating with the Skills Development Unit to implement them.
  8. Supervising the Community Service Unit.
  9. Encouraging the staff members to participate in the courses, training programs and workshops offered by Skills Development Unit.
  10. Supervising the preparation of a plan to develop the skills of the college employees, staff members and students.
  11. Supervising the use of technology, e-learning, multimedia and distance learning in teaching inside the college.
  12. Supervising the preparation of the annual report, and distributing it among the competent authorities after the Dean adopts it.
  13. Submitting periodic reports to the Dean about the workflow in the affiliated units, and the difficulties they face.
  14. Following-up on the development of educational facilities and upgrading the college laboratories.
  15. Implementing and following-up on the activities of creativity and excellence awards in academic and research performance.
  16. Establishing the appropriate phase plans for periodically reviewing quality standards to ensure continuous improvement in the academic departments and administrative units.
  17. Establishing the suitable mechanism to understand the expectations, requirements and the level of satisfaction of the college (internal and external) customers, and communicating them to all relevant academic departments and administrative units.
  18. Implementing and following-up on the evaluation and development of the teaching performance of the staff members, and helping them to achieve professional and scientific excellence.
  19. Updating the college website with information about the vice deanship and the affiliated administrative units.
  20. Executing the work assigned by the dean.