Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Dean's Message

- 2018/12/10

Dr.Ahmed AlEisi_1


Prof. Omar Abdullah Al-Hazazi

College Dean

Our country has a great aspiration to promote and develop a scientific and economic mobility and to open on the world, with changes in life styles, which made development an urgent requirement in all fields, including the higher education.

The College of Health Sciences offers high-quality education that accommodates all who aspire in the quality university education to contribute to the building process in this benevolent country. The College contributes to promoting the development through offering special programs that serve the job market. It also contributes to developing the health services sector and keeps pace with the global trends in activating the scientific technologies and practices to raise the efficiency and quality of health services, which is positively reflected on the citizens’ health and luxury.

There is a start for every work, and the secret of success is the continuous periodical follow up and development, seeking the best.

At the end, we ask Allah to grant us success and luck in serving our religion and country and help us achieve our aspirations.