Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University


- 2016/06/08

The college of Health Sciences Al- Qunfdah was established pursuant the Royal Decree No. (5997/ m b), on 08/10/1427 AH. Its founding came to realize the aspirations of the political leadership and the community, aiming at raising the level of the homeland to reach that of the most developed nations, and availing science and knowledge in all the Kingdom's cities, provinces and villages.

The college encompasses the following academic departments:

- Emergency Medical Services Department.

- Public Health Department.

- Medical Secretariat Department.

Recently, the college inaugurated the Nursing Department and added it to its structure to cater to the needs of Qunfudah province and the neighboring areas.

After the student passes the preparatory year with a certain grade, he is entitled to enrolling at the college of Health Sciences Al- Qunfdah. Along four more years at the college, the student studies a number of academic curriculum requirements, and upon passing them receives a degree in that specialty, which qualifies him to exercise his role in the community efficiently and successfully.

The first academic year for the college started in the first semester of 1433-1334 AH, majoring in emergency medical services.

The college encompasses a number of distinguished staff members specialized in the disciplines currently available at the college, and will continue to attract excellent professors, teaching assistants and technicians. In its future plans, the college seeks to activate the rest of the academic departments and attain domestic and international accreditation in emergency medical services program and other programs.

Mission :

Preparing health staff capable of providing top-notch health services through modern educational programs, and forging partnerships with various institutions to serve the community.


  1. Following the Islamic methodology.
  2. Raising the level of the health staff graduating from the college.
  3. Applying quality standards in health education.
  4. Promoting the culture of teamwork.
  5. Providing cutting-edge educational and laboratory tools and methods.
  6. Providing community service, meeting community needs, and raising awareness about health culture.


Through its departments and academic plans, the college seeks to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Providing outstanding academic programs in the field of health services، pursuant the criteria of quality and academic accreditation.
  2. Graduating efficient national staff in the field of health sciences, who have the motivation and responsibility to provide health care in accordance with the professional standards and ethics
  3. Providing the suitable academic and administrative environment conducive to learning and scientific research
  4. Raising health awareness among community members.