Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Graduation Project Registration

- 2019/11/20

Steps for the Registration and Requirements for Graduation Design Project


Step-1: Fill in the (1) Pre-Registration Form, (2) Disclaimer Form and (3) Proposed Project Title and Abstract Form.

Choose one from four specializations, and order them according to your preferences. Enter the project codes, i.e. P, C, E, CON  in the table to indicate your 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th preference. P = Power,  C= Communications,  E = Electronics, CON = Control. 

** The e-form should be filled out only once with all the data of the project team. The credit hours upon registering the graduation project should be at least 132 hours.

Submit the Pre-Registration forms no later as mentioned in the Registration Announcement to the Secretary of the EE Department.


Step-2:  The Design Project Assessment Committee of EE Department will produce a Project Distribution document to be discussed in EE faculty Council Meeting during week-2 of the current term. This document is prepared based on Teams Average CGPA, Specialization of Faculty Advisor, and Availability of Faculty Advisor. Students are not allowed to choose a Faculty Advisor/Supervisor.  


Step-3: The Final Project Distribution with Faculty Advisors’ names will be posted as an announcement on EE Department Notice Board by the end of 2nd week of current term. 


Step 4: There will be an Orientation Presentation as mentioned in the Orientation Announcement. All teams are required to attend this orientation to get all the information and expectations of the Design Project.      


Step-5: Each team of four students must meet with its advisor at the beginning of week-3 of the current term to discuss and finalize the Title, Abstract, and Team Roles for the project.  


Step-6: Each Team must submit (Title, Abstract, and each Team member’s Role in the team) to the Advisor and the coordinator of the Design Project Assessment Committee (Prof. Muhammad A. Malik) signed by all the four students and the Advisor no later than Tuesday of Week-4 of the current term.


Step-7: Each individual student must buy the Engineering Design Project Logbook from the book store and start writing their logbook starting week-4.  


Step-8: Each team must follow the dates of submission of various documents according to their dead-lines indicated in the Disclaimer Table.