Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Security Radar Systems for Vehicles to Avoid Collision

- 2020/04/30

Project Idea:

The idea of the project is to use ultrasonic sensors, attached in front of the car to measure an approaching or receding object, so that a collision could be avoided. One of the aspects of this project is to reduce the road accidents by assisting the driver, if suddenly an obstacle or an event happens where a probability of collision increases.


Our goal is to design a reliable mechanism that can accurately detect obstacle and avoid the collision.


Our vision is to produce a product able to integrate with the existing framework of the modern computerized cars.


  • Yahya Awad Al-Ayafi
  • Adel Moreef Al-Maliky
  • Yousuf Al-Maliky
  • Aqeel Karsawi


  • Dr. Muhammad Ali Belaid

Figure : Image of the security radar system mounted on a car.