Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Message from the Department Head

- 2018/12/07

Praise be to Allah, Who has taught be pen, and Who has taught man that which he knew not. And peace be upon Prophet Muhammad, and upon his family and companions.

Considered as the first department of its kind in all universities kingdom-wide, the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering has come into being in the study year of 1433-1434H.

The department offers BSc in electronics and communication engineering for students who have passed the study program which covers the theoretical knowledge and practical experiences necessary for the engineer to design and develop electronics and communication systems.

The courses taught under this program cover the fundamental engineering sciences and design methods of wired and wireless communications, as well as electronic design. That is to be added complementary courses in computer engineering, control basics, and electrical power. Aside from scientific content, courses place particular emphasis on the student's technical, cognitive, and communication skills.

Given the multiplicity of the department's courses, and seeking to prompt students towards more concentration, the study plans allows student to choose either electronics or communications in the graduation year, in line with the local work market demands.

Graduates of this program are projected to find a wide range of work opportunities in the electronics and communication industry, given its speedy development and vast growth. Such opportunities include: communication network operators, communication engineers at radio and TV organizations, space communication organizations, electronics manufacturing and assembling companies, e-measurements and sensing (with their applications in almost all fields of industry), as well as automation systems and product lines.


Head of Electronics and Communication Engineering Department

Dr. Ahmad bin Sulaiman Hamad Al-Muslim