Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Energy Harvesting System by Foot Pressure Using PZT Material

- 2020/04/30

Project Idea:

This project deals with piezoelectric material properties and using it as an energy harvesting source. Placing small piezoelectric elements as sensors on the sole and heel parts of a shoe-insole, can provide a voltage signal from the force distribution on the sole and the heel during the movement of a person. The piezoelectric devices will be connected in series and the voltage that produced will feed the electric circuit and charge up the super capacitor after the rectification process.


To develop a prototype that could reliably harvest Energy.


  • Our vision is to evolve our prototype into a reliable product that can be sufficiently meet the power demands of small electronic gadgets.
  • Our protype could be used in the field of medical to assist the doctors with a particular person movement data.

Student Participants:

  • Hassan Almasari
  • Mohsen Althalabi
  • Hassan Alayafi


  • Dr. Ahmed Almusllam

Figure: The design of the shoe-insole with piezoelectric elements placed on it.