Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Educational Equipment Committee

- 2020/12/29


Committee Name

Committee Members

Duties of the Committee


Educational Equipment Committee

Head of the Committee

Dr. Abir Wazzan


Ms. Nada Al-Hassani

  • Creating a file that describes the female students' activities in the laboratories by explaining the activities carried out by each student and how the students are periodically evaluated.
  • Creating a file that lists the devices and equipment available in the laboratory.
  • Creating a database of the books available in the program. .
  • Continuously updating the department's books and scientific references by exploring the needs of the various scientific specialties in the department.
  • Listing the books and volumes at King Abdullah Central Library that are relevant to the program.
  • Organizing various visits of academic members and student representatives to the libraries.
  • Ensuring the availability of scientific resources for students, keeping an updated inventory of them, and continuing to increase the number of these resources.