Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Curriculum Development and Outcome Evaluation Committee

- 2020/12/29


Committee Name

Committee Members

Duties of the Committee


Curriculum Development and Outcome Evaluation Committee

Head of the Committee

Prof. Eman Shaaban


Prof. Mona Musa

Prof. Afaf Qabburi

Prof. Samir Al-Abdali

Dr. Rania Abdul-Rahman

Dr. Hanadi Qamrah

Dr. Jawharah Al-Khilaiwi

Dr. Eman Al-Rifai

Dr. Enaam Shuaibi

Dr. Hanaa Wazzan

Dr. Maha Al-Qahmani

Dr. Hanan Hijazi

Dr. Abir Wazzan

Dr. Aliaa Mukhtar

Dr. Adilah Rajab

Dr. Najwa Al-Hazmi

Dr. Khuloud Al-Hazmi





  • Reviewing curricula as well as urging academic staff members to develop them, setting a time-plan for continuous development in proportion to the actual needs of graduates in order to prepare them for the labor market.
  • Matching curricula with the learning resources available for the students.
  • Reviewing and evaluating the learning outcomes of the courses, and linking them to the learning outcomes of the program.
  • Developing new methods for teaching.
  • Holding regular meetings with course coordinators to review and discuss the suggested developments.
  • Coordinating course content with a view to guaranteeing no repetition and gradual academic and practical steps for the students.
  • Reviewing course descriptions and reports formally and according to the set procedures, in accordance with academic accreditation requirements.
  • Reviewing the students evaluations formally and according to the set procedures, in line with academic accreditation requirements.
  • Preparing a quarterly report on the achievements of the proposed curriculum development to present to the Department Council and the college's Curriculum Development Committee.
  • Following up the implementation of the new decisions, after their approval, and preparing a report on the extent of the success of the proposed development in meeting the actual needs of the students to ensure their adequate preparation for the labor market.