Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Academic Advising Committee for Undergraduate Students

- 2020/12/29


Committee Name

Committee Members

Duties of the Committee


Academic Advising Committee for Undergraduate Students

Head of the Committee

Dr. Hanan Hijazi


All academic staff members

  • Creating a file for each student that contains information and data on hobbies, achievement abilities, educational and social problems, teaching stream, etc.
  • Ensuring the commitment of the academic staff in presenting a general idea of the course, its content, its objectives, evaluation tools and dates, and grade distribution, in the first lecture of each course.
  • Following up on students results in periodic exams, helping and guiding those who need help, and detecting stumbling students and urgent problems early.
  • Conducting an academic follow-up of students, providing them with advice and guidance, and directing them according to their academic status.
  • Preparing periodical reports on the academic problems that some students may encounter during the different years at college.
  • Preparing reports on proposed solutions for solving the problems presented, and following them up to ensure their implementation. .
  • Informing students of the results of presenting their problems, and the suggested solutions.