Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit

- 2021/03/01

The Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit is concerned with achieving the deanship objectives related to preparing and following up the implementation of the plans necessary to ensure quality performance, to obtain academic accreditation, and to complete the tasks related to academic accreditation at the local and international levels. The unit is also concerned with disseminating the culture of academic accreditation in the college and with continuously improving performance through development and review as well as the policy of motivation and honoring university affiliates.

Tasks of the Quality and Academic Accreditation Unit

  1. Contributing to spread the culture of quality and academic accreditation, in collaboration with the relevant parties.
  2. Working on applying quality systems in the academic departments.
  3. Following up the academic departments in matters related to quality systems and academic accreditation.
  4. Working on developing the educational process by boosting the skills of the academic staff members, lecturers and teaching assistants in using modern techniques to develop study programs and courses and upgrade teaching and learning methods.
  5. Preparing a regular report including all the achievements.