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- 2022/08/21

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    College of education was established in 1372 H (1952) as the College of Teachers. In 1382 H (1962), the Ministry of Education decided to turn College of Sharia into College of Sharia and Education, where students studied religious and social sciences , Arabic, and English in first year, then student took up specialties. One year later, a decision was issued to establish the College of Education.

    On 4/11/1382 H, the Ministry of Education issued decision no. 572 to found the College of Education. 1383 H marked the first academic year, in which study started with 2 departments: Arabic Language and English Language and Social Studies. Later in 1385 H, Department of Physics and Department of Mathematics were founded followed by departments of Education and Psychology in 1386 H. Social Studies was turned into Geography department after English Language became a separate department.

    College of Education belonged to King Abdulaziz University during the period from Rajab 1390 H till Rajab 1401 H. Later, the college included the following departments:

    Education, Curricula and Teaching Methods, Psychology, Art, PE, Geography, English, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics.

    As of Rajab 1401 H, College of Education became affiliated to UQU, where the following departments operated: Islamic Education, Curricula and Teaching Methods, Psychology, Kindergarten, Educational Administration and Planning, Art, PE, Family Education, and the new department, Special Education in addition to Training Courses Center.