Umm Al-Qura University

Umm Al-Qura University

Research & Educational Studies Unit

- 2018/01/14

About the unit:

It pursues to bring out and spread the culture of the scientific research in the college. In addition, it calls on the faculty members as well as students to keep in line with the advancement and quick development in the research field so as to contribute to resolving the community issues relating to education.


To create a unique academic environment that brings about achieving the highest level of quality in the scientific research, and to develop initiatives in the fields of community partnership; in addition to achieving leadership and distinction in the research field.


The Research and Educational Studies Unit pursues to enhance and further the practice of scientific research, and to prepare all the appropriate circumstances to create an environment stimulating the research in the academia- among the Education College’s faculty members and students.

Objectives of the Unit:

The goal of the unit is to develop an effective plan to bring out the scientific research and promote its quality level in the college to be in agreement with the university vision and message. This is through:

1- Spreading the culture of scientific research among the college’s affiliates and students.

2- Encourage the researchers of the college to take part, with their research, in the field of community partnership.

3- Encouraging the students to participate, with their research, and to publish them in the college media.

4- Developing the research capabilities of the college students through the courses and seminars organized by the college. 

5- Overcoming difficulties and obstacles facing students in the field of publishing research through holding seminars and workshops.

6- Developing the scientific research methods through organizing specialized courses in the college.

Responsibilities of the Research & Educational Studies Unit:

  • Implementing the scientific research-related issues.
  • Coordinating between the college’s research unit and the other scientific research-related department in the university.
  • Creating a section on the college portal that includes the research papers of the college studies, in addition to another section that showcases the college’s activities in the scientific research field.
  • Communicating with departments to provide the unit with research published in the journals of each faculty member.
  • Publishing the achievements and research participation of the faculty members on the college website.
  • Encouraging researchers from the faculty members to provide seminars and courses on subjects related to the preparation of research.
  • Encouraging the students to share their research on the college website.
  • Organizing an annual research meeting that allows the college students to share their research.
  • Preparing a code of ethics for the scientific research in the college.