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Questionnaire on the Employers’ Feedback about the Graduates of UQU College of Da`wah and Fundamentals of Religion

This questionnaire is intended to learn about the views of the employers concerning the quality of performance of the UQU graduates. It is preferable that the direct manager of the graduate fills in this form, no less than 3 months after employing the graduate.

     From : - 2019/04/06 م , To : - 2020/04/01 م

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    Personal Data



    * Major

    Determine your degree of satisfaction with the performance of the university graduates according to the following items: Academic Level:

    * Skills in the Use of Technology

    * Their ability to apply what they have learnt

    * Academic Level

    * Determining and solving problems

    * Knowledge in the field of specialization

    * Collecting and analyzing data

    Communication Skills

    * Ability to express different ideas

    * Ability to work with a team

    * Administrative leadership

    * Oral communication

    * Writing reports and research

    Personal Aspects

    * Thinking about the future

    * Willingness to be motivated

    * Level of reliability

    * Caring about moral values

    * Ability to get adapted to different environments and techniques

    Work-related Aspects

    * Administrative efficiency

    * Time management

    * Accuracy of work

    * Computer Skills

    * Language skills

    * Adhering to the ethics of the profession

    General Views:

     Please clarify any job skills your institution requires, in particular.

     Graduate’s main strengths

     Please provide us with your valuable feedback in order to develop the UQU educational programs to enable the graduates meet your expectations.

     How do you see the level of university graduates compared to the graduates of other Saudi universities?

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